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Riverhead People workshops

In the run up to my exhibition, Mapping the Riverhead 2, I’m running 4 drop-in workshops on Sunday mornings. The aim is to stitch the names of men, women and children who lived in the Riverhead area in the 1880s, taking this information from the 1881 census. Today we made good progress¬†on this, and these labels will be used to populate one of the large maps in the exhibition.

Names stitched from the 1881 census by workshop participants 21.09.14

Names stitched from the 1881 census by workshop participants 21.09.14

There are still two workshops available to attend, on 28 September and 5 October. Run in association with Louth Navigation Trust, the  sessions are based at Navigation Warehouse in Louth, enabling visitors to see the inside of this fabulous historic building, one of the first warehouses to be built at the head of the Navigation Canal, in 1791.

The names are being stitched in black (for men), grey (for women) and blue (for children). It’s easier than it sounds, as we trace off the names from the census in water-soluble pen, follow this to stitch the names, and then soak the labels in water to dissolve the ink. Once dry, the labels will be stiffened with Vilene (the sort of stuff used for cuffs and collars in dressmaking) and then stitched in a loop onto the large map. In this way we will ‘populate’ the map with the names of people who lived and worked in the area at a moment in time.

Entrance to Navigation Warehouse Visitors to the exhibition (17 – 26 October at Navigation Warehouse) will be invited to stitch their own names in red and add them to the map.

Entrance to Navigation Warehouse


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