Old Photographs

Photo from Mick Parrish, lived No 8 Riverhead Rd Cottages - Riverhead Road - Daisy Fells shop

Thank you to Mick and Richard who brought in these wonderful images of houses on Riverhead Road. They were demolished around 40 years ago and much of this area has never been redeveloped, so these pictures really help show what used to be here. Mick said, about his house No. 8 (set back, to the left of the two little girls in the photo) that it was gas-lit and that the one bedroom was reached by a staircase that was little more than a ladder. Water was collected from a flowing spring in the backyard.

View down Riverhead Rd c1910

Another view of these cottages, with No.1 Riverhead Road (on the site of the now recently-demolished Louth Swimming Pool) on the left. The built landscape is changing almost as fast as we’re recording it!

If anyone has other photographs that they would be willing to add to the map (scans, not originals) then please get in touch.They really bring the past to life!


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