Without investment by Arts Council England, this project would never have got off the ground. My heartfelt thanks for the funding which has enabled me to buy equipment and time.

Thank you also to Louth Navigation Trust and Groundwork Lincolnshire (which owns Navigation Warehouse) for their support and involvement.

Thank you to everyone else who has/is contributing to this project.

Most recently:

  • Janet Hawson, who gave me a fabulous cotton sheet to use for screen-printing
  • Janet, whom I met in a junk shop and gave me two beautiful linen sheets to use
  • Chris Henderson (my mum) who donated her A3 printer and loaned me her light-box
  • All the people who came along to my Riverhead People workshops on Sunday mornings
  • The people at Wicked Printing Stuff, who have answered lots of questions over the past few months

Over the last year the following people have provided historical advice and information to the project.  If I have inadvertently missed you off, please accept my apologies and let me know!

  • Ruth Gatenby
  • Dr Caitlin Green
  • Richard Gurnham
  • Louth Library
  • Louth Museum
  • Ruth Neller
  • David Robinson OBE
  • Stuart Sizer

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