Using the Riverhead as my springboard, I have been experimenting with how to gather stories and commentary, mix these with historic evidence such as census returns, and make something meaningful and interesting to share with other people. This project is part of an ongoing learning process, in terms of how information about the past can be collected and presented.

Old doorway, Commercial RoadAs a result of the Mapping the Riverhead workshop in October 2013 I was inspired to create two large screen-printed fabric maps of the area, as a background for adding a range of details about the area, then and now.  These pieces will be featured at my ‘interactive’ exhibition of at Navigation Warehouse on Riverhead Road, between Friday 17 and Sunday 26 October, as part of Wolds Words Festival 2014. To find out more look here.Riverhead March 2014 001

In the lead-up to this exhibition I ran 4 workshops, inviting people to stitch the names of men, women and children who lived and worked in this area in the 1880’s.  During the exhibition itself, visitors will be encouraged to contribute their memories, which will be incorporated into the artwork.




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