The first activity I undertook for this project grew out of a relationship I have developed with my local school, Lacey Gardens Junior School. The Home School Association were keen to enrich links between school and home, and creating a big patchwork seemed a good way to do it!Thank you to Lincolnshire Agricultural and Rural Communities Fund for the grant which made this possible.

Lacey Gardens Junior School was founded in 1953, around the same time as the large St Bernard’s housing estate that it largely serves. Having a 60th anniversary was a cause for celebration and workshop participants were invited to create a personal patchwork ‘block’ which captured images of the local environment, or of the school. I then combined these in a finished patchwork, which is now on display at the school.

close up2

Applique logo to celebrate 60 years of Lacey Gardens Junior School

Around 20 people took part in the activity, attending twice weekly workshops over the summer term in 2013. Work started by learning the basics of traditional pieced paper patchwork, but then everyone was challenged to make a very personal piece, experimenting with different materials and processes. Some pupils made a piece on their own, some parents and grandparents did the same, and many were a collaboration between adult and child. The finished object reflects perspectives of the school, embedded in a rural market town environment.

Mapping the Riverhead Oct 2013 004

Parents and pupils viewing their finished patchwork at Navigation Warehouse


The finished piece was exhibited at Navigation Warehouse as part of the Mapping the Riverhead workshop on 19th October. Many of the participants came to see it and contributed to the Mapping project. I’m looking forward to working with the group on future projects as part of this initiative.


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