Workshops 2013

Mapping the Riverhead Oct 2013 020


My first ‘public’ activity took the form of an open workshop, held at Navigation Warehouse on Saturday 19th October 2013. The event was part of the annual Wolds Words Festival which takes place in Louth each October.

Armed with a largescale map of the Riverhead, courtesy of Ordnance Survey, I invited people to identify places where change has occurred. It was really interesting to literally fill in the gaps where buddleia and blackberries now grow rampant, where factories used to stand.

Mapping the Riverhead Oct 2013 008Mapping the Riverhead Oct 2013 024Mapping the Riverhead Oct 2013 009Mapping the Riverhead Oct 2013 012

Around 100 people came to visit on the day, and spent lots of time chatting, drinking tea and reminiscing about how things used to be. Thank you to everyone who took time out to come along, I learned a great deal about how different parts of this area have been changed in the past few decades, often the sort of information that is too recent to have been captured as part of an historical record.


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